Training your Puppy


Training should begin as soon as you get your puppy. A reputable breeder will have already done a lot of training work with your puppy in terms of socialisation, travelling in the car, house training and learning what the word NO means!

It is important for the new puppy to get along with other dogs and I strongly suggest that all puppies go to training classes as soon as they have had their required injections. Also it is important to socialise a puppy to the various different noises and situations that they find themselves in today. I would always take my new puppies down to the school when picking up my boys so that they got use to the car journey, other people, dogs and the various different sounds around them.

House training is also started straight away. You can train a puppy to go anywhere you wish them too. In fact my Welsh Springer Spaniel Megan will go to the toilet on command wherever we are. It is very important that when you take your puppy home for the first time that the first wee or poo is done in the area you have designated for this activity and not in the house. Use praise and reward with small treats when the puppy does what you want and give no reward either by voice or treats when they do not do the right thing.

Your puppy naturally wants to please you but it is up to you to not confuse them but giving clear accurate commands and rewards. Also make sure that the family are aware of the words that are used for certain requests. For example if you wish your dog to sit and that is the command you use, then someone else saying ‘sit down’, ‘down’, ‘sit here’ or anything else will only confuse your puppy. The key to puppy training is consistency in your approach and rewarding desirable behaviour.

I would strongly recommend the use of a dog crate for your new puppy, which far from being cruel is a safe and peaceful place for your puppy to be. Put soft bedding in the crate and use it as a reward for your puppy to go to sleep or just have a break.

There are many numerous books on training dogs and I would suggest you look at the Cesar Milan books which have proved to be very successful. More details can be found on the Cormallen Gundogs E-store. If you have any training issues then please feel free to contact me via the Cormallen Gundogs blog.