Cormallen affix


My affix which was established in 1979 was devised due to my husband and my love of the works of J R R Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings.

My first Irish Red Setter born in 1972 we named Gandalf or Gandy for short. Gandy was not the best show dog as he had been bought as a pet but he was the start of my love for showing dogs which has continued to this day. Arwen was a show bitch bought from Val Woodward at the Connomar kennel (now better known for Italian Spinones) and it was her first litter that prompted me to gain an affix from the Kennel Club, following the Tolkien theme.

Cormallen means "golden circle" from cor meaning "round, circular enclosure" and mallen meaning "of gold." The name Cormallen is said to be derived from the culumalda trees that grew at the fields of Cormallen; the element cul meaning "golden-red." The Field of Cormallen was a wide green field on the east bank of the Anduin near Cair Andros. Henneth Annun was nearby and the stream that flowed from its waterfall passed the Field of Cormallen. A long green lawn bordered by trees with dark leaves and scarlet blossoms led from the Field of Cormallen to a grove of beech trees. Around the field grew golden-red culumalda trees.

I always imagined my dogs running aimlessly within the Field of Cormallen.


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